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Our team consists of three students Anastasia Zarafidou, Afroditi Gkertsi, Εirini Kokkinidou of the 3nd High School of Ptolemaida, Greece and our coach Mr Charalampos Zarafidis. For (3) three consecutive years we are participating in the World Robot Olympiad (W.R.O.).
In 2010 and also in 2011 we won the first place in a National (Greek) Competition W.R.O. and participated in the final phase that took place in 2010 in Manila, Philippines and 2011 in Abu Dhabi UAE.

2nd National W.R.O. - Athens 2010

BeatBot Team - 2nd National W.R.O. Athens 2010

June 2011, Athens. After (5) five months preparation we won the first place in Greece between (26) twenty-six teams competed in the regular category for High School students. We faced the challenge of recycling robot (Robot Recycler) and a time limit of 150 minutes to build and programmed an autonomous robot to perform our mission. The mission was to sort and position objects into groups based on nominated common attributes within a given time period of 120 seconds.

8th W.R.O. - Athens Greece, November 2011

BeatBot Team, 3rd National W.R.O. Athens, June 2011

About W.R.O.
World Robot Olympiad is an international robotics competition that allows students to engage in a process of solving a problem using the platform for educational robotics Lego Mindstorm. Students learn to think creatively, work in teams to collaborate and use programming tools to build autonomous robots that perform tasks to solve problems posed by the jury at the beginning of each year.

W.R.O. brings together young people from all over the world to develop their creativity, design & problem solving skills through challenging & educational robot competitions and activities.

BeatBot Robotics Team in 8th W.R.O. - Abu Dhabi

8th W.R.O. - Abu Dhabi, November 2011

Abu Dhabi, Nov 20. 2011. The 8th International Student Educational Robotics Olympiad (WRO 2011) completed involving 1500 students from 34 countries. The W.R.O. Olympiad is one of the largest student robotics competitions in the world, organized for the first time in the Middle East by the Education Council of Abu Dhabi as part of their long-term policy for 2030, for an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

8th W.R.O. - Abu Dhabi U.A.E., November 2011

BeatBot Team, 8th W.R.O. - Abu Dhabi U.A.E., November 2011

Our team consists of three students Anastasia Zarafidou, Afroditi Gkertsi, Εirini Kokkinidou of the 3nd High School of Ptolemaida, Greece competed in High School - Regular category.

The students faced the challenge of recycling robot. In the first round we were in (22) twenty-second position of the (58) fifty-eight groups, then the next two rounds were unable to improve our performance in order to qualify in top sixteen, who competed in the finals. The first place in the high school occupied one of the four teams of Japan.

Highlights - 8th W.R.O. - Abu Dhabi U.A.E., November 2011

2011 Sponsors
Ptolemaida's Secondary Education Teachers' Association
Municipality of Eordaia
Cyta Hellas - Telecommunications Service Provider
Bodossaki Foundation

W.R.O. 2011 Mission Detail (High School, Regular Category)
The robot must move from the “Base” and sort items in the “Bin” into categories nominated by the team by placing items of similar characteristics into nominated ‘sorting bins’.
During each attempt, each team will have a maximum time of two minutes to successfully complete the mission.
Items to be sorted - Eight items (exhibiting six different attributes) will be provided for the standard regular game (There will be two pairs of identical items). These items could be sorted at a simple level into two categories and possibly six at a more complex level.
The items, to be sorted, are to be placed on the “squares” in the “bin” area on the playing field. One item will be placed on one square. The distribution of the items on the playing field will be determined by the judges and announced at the start of the competition. It will be the same for all matches in both rounds.
The teams must nominate the characteristics that will be used to determine the “sort” and which “sorting bin” the particular items will be placed. Pre-made cards noting various characteristics that could be used to sort the items will be available for the teams to place on the base of the sorting bins. Blank cards will be available for teams to write the sorting characteristics, if they wish to sort according to characteristics not included in the available cards.
If a team identifies that a bin will be used, but the robot places no items in it, it will not be considered in the calculation of the score i.e. A team nominates 4 bins but the robot uses only 3, the number of nominated criteria will be considered as 3.
Points are awarded according to the complexity of the sort (i.e. the more refined the sort the higher the points), accuracy (points will be deducted for items sorted into a bin that do not meet the nominated criteria) and the time taken. A scoring formula is provided to assist in the scoring.
The mission will be completed when: all items have been placed in the correct nominated “sorting bins”; the maximum mission time is reach; or the robot is touched (after it has started) by a team member or any other person.
A surprise rule change may be announced before commencing the build phase of the competition.

BeatBot Robotics Team in 7th W.R.O. - Manila Philippines

7th W.R.O. - Manila Philippines, November 2010

In the junior high school category 49 teams participated. The mission named «Tumbang Preso», refers to an outdoor game where players' goal is to hit a guarded container and transfer it to a safe location before they capture the garrison. Since the robot was required to open a door by pressing a series circuit with a specific combination. Then had to cross a gate within a given time, to overturn a box and carry a second box at the finish line in 2 minutes time. Both the combination and the positions of boxes generated at the time of the competition after the draw. Our team was able to perform its task with complete accuracy within 32 seconds. After using the criteria for waiver of the tie won the 13th place.

7th W.R.O. - Manila Philippines, November 2011

BeatBot Team, 7th W.R.O. - Manila Philippines, November 2010

W.R.O. 2010 Mission Detail (Junior High School, Regular Category)
The robot must must move from the “Base”, follow the track from the starting point, trigger a switch to open the door (flags). The sequence of the switches will be announced during the competition.
The robot will pass through the door without touching the flags and go straight to the next sector
The robot must knock down the bottle on the next sector, the position of the bottle will be announced
during the competition.
After knocking the bottle, the robot will move on the next sector and secure another bottle. The position
of the bottle will be announced during the competition.
The robot must carry and bring home the bottle to the finish line.

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